SpotMachine is an all-in-one program that aims to handle all aspects of audio spot management, in supermarkets, malls, and other places where you want to play repetitive, timed audio messages (commercials, public notices, etc.) to an audience.

With SpotMachine you can record spots of your own though your computer's microphone. The very easy-to-use graphical user interface makes it straight-forward to handle these spots, and arrange them into a timed playlist.

Best of all: You decide the price you pay! SpotMachine is completely free to download and use, even commercially, with no restrictions. Feel free to donate any amount you wish. SpotMachine is released as open source software under the GPL license.

Support This Project
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Download and Installation

SpotMachine runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and any other system that can run Java, even the tiny Raspberry Pi computer. The only requirement to your computer is that it runs the newest Java -- and you need a microphone connected, of course.

It is advised, however, that you use a computer with a somewhat decent soundboard. Laptops rarely have this, unfortunately. Too cheap soundboards tend to create a lot of static noise on your recorded spots.

Download Latest Release

Download version 0.3.2 for Debian / Ubuntu Linux / Raspbian (apt deb package).

Download version 0.3.2 for Windows (Windows exe installer).

Download version 0.3.2 as binary tar/bz2 (compiled -- ready to use on practically all platforms running Java).

Download version 0.3.2 as source tar/bz2 (need JDK Java compiler).

You can also get a zip file containing the latest source files from git. However, in production environments, it is highly recommended to use the latest release from above, as bugs are more likely to occur with source files from git. To get an older version of SpotMachine, have a look here.


Localization / Translation

Do you want to contribute to SpotMachine? If so, you are very welcome to translate it into your language. It requires no programming skills; it is just a matter of translating a bunch of English strings into your language. See this guide on how to contribute a translation.

Test and Report Bugs

Another way to help out is to file a bug report if or when you find a bug. The best place to do so is through SpotMachine's issue tracker.

Also, SpotMachine needs testing on various platforms. I know for a fact that the program runs on Ubuntu, Debian, Windows 7, Raspberry Pi/Raspbian, and through both the official Oracle Java and the OpenJDK Java -- but several of these combinations need further testing. There isn't a test case, as such, so that's an area where you can contribute too.


Other contributions besides localization are of course also very welcome. For instance bug solving and/or adding new features. Only, in order of coordinating efforts, I'd like to know before you go ahead. Code contributions are encouraged through forking the Git repository, making changes to your fork, then issuing a pull requrst.